Edinburgh – 13

I had been hoping that my shoes would last the four marathons.  But, it was not to be.  I’d noticed a small hole in the mesh on the top the other day, but it was nothing to worry about really, although because the whole of the upper is mesh it’s possible that it could turn out like a ladder in a pair of tights.  Anyway, I put them on for a run today and discovered that the upper had parted with the sole for a good part of the shoe’s length.  Must have been the sprint finish I tried the other day.  They had lasted 683 km, which is in line with the wear I’ve managed from the others.

That puts me down to two boxed pairs of Wave Levitas left.  After that, I’m going to have to  find a new brand because these are no longer made and Mizuno don’t really have an alternative minimal shoe.  I had a quick look when I got back from my run and it doesn’t look like any stores have any left either.  Well, I was expecting that, I pretty much bought any I could find online when I found out they were finished.  For me, they were a good, wide fit and although minimal, there was just enough cushioning that you couldn’t feel rough patches of road (unlike my vivo) but not really thick (like the Nike Free).  And, it looks like the fashion for minimalist shoes is passing (or has already passed), which is a shame because I’ve been more comfortable in these than I have for a long time.


About Martin Hall

I'm a distance runner in my late 50s and I'm not bad at it (top 5% of my age group). I also play various musical instruments, the current fave being the ukulele and I'm in several bands ranging from two to 100+ in size.
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