Wednesday After Belfast Again

Out last night, drinking beer and playing ukulele.   And today, a pt session.  Jane and I kind of agreed that we didn’t have time for recovery.  What I really need is some way of raising my lactate threshold to try and avoid the fade at 30k (or even earlier as was the case with the Belfast hills).  She said that was not going to be pleasant and proceeded to put me through my paces today.  So, the next three weeks are going to be quite intense.  Suspect it’s also time to revisit the hill training – maybe see if I can break the minute for the upper section of Tangier road.

I’ve also decided to ditch the beet-it shots.  I tried one the night before this time and while my stomach didn’t cramp up, there were certainly times when I felt that throwing up was a possibility.  Will have to see if any of my local FB friends are interested, but they are just out of best before date and some people might be sensitive to that.

And it’s three weeks and two days until Edinburgh.  I’ve booked my bus ticket, but will have to remember to put some coins in my bag just in case the bus at the bottom of the hill turns up.  Little bit nervous about Edinburgh to be honest (now there’s a surprise).  In theory, I should be able to knock 6 minutes off Brighton’s time if I follow last year’s pattern.  That means a 3:19 finish, which I know is possible because I did it in Boston.  If I can come in under 3:20 that does give me another reason for getting GFA for London next year.  So, I’m going to have to start thinking about tactics for that now.


About Martin Hall

I'm a distance runner in my late 50s and I'm not bad at it (top 5% of my age group). I also play various musical instruments, the current fave being the ukulele and I'm in several bands ranging from two to 100+ in size.
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