Tuesday After Belfast

Well, it was done yesterday and I was nowhere near a computer to write it up.  It was tough.  To give you an idea, the leader finished in a time that was 10 minutes over his pb.  It seemed if we weren’t running up a hill, we were running into the wind.

There was one glorious moment with a downhill that seemed to take only 3 miles to lose all the height we’d gained in the previous 7.  But, there was a lot of it that was just slog.  The course itself is not pretty, one section is on one side of a motorway.  There’s another piece through an industrial estate.   And it’s hilly.  Falls road is one long up and just as I started to think that we were going to be level until the finish we had another hill that lasted for all of mile 24.  I mean, come on, who puts a hill at that point in a marathon.

Moira was there to cheer me on at mile 20 and said I looked tired.  Too right, I was tired.

Anyway, God knows how, I managed to summon up an insane sprint finish (hope the pictures are good) and came in at a gun time of 3:30:59 and chip time about 10 seconds faster.  As far as I can make out,  I came 268th overall (3,000ish runners) and 4th in class.


About Martin Hall

I'm a distance runner in my late 50s and I'm not bad at it (top 5% of my age group). I also play various musical instruments, the current fave being the ukulele and I'm in several bands ranging from two to 100+ in size.
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