Madness – Sunday before Belfast

Sat typing this after packing ready for a pickup in just under an hour.  I’ve checked the weather – looks like it’s going to be warmish, so short sleeves

Oh, Friday, I had a phone call from the Belfast Telegraph.  When I applied for Belfast Marathon there was a question about whether I had an interesting story – so I wrote in the three ‘B’s thing.   So, they picked up on that and interviewed me over the phone.  I have my doubts as to whether it will appear, since she said that she would text me her email address so that I could send some photos, but I didn’t receive anything.

And Friday I also had more news of a writing friend, who had been taken into hospital.  The news wasn’t good, she was on life support and not expected to last beyond Saturday morning.  I wouldn’t normally drink on the Friday before a marathon, but I asked myself what would Karen do and well, she always liked a drink (“I’ve got a big swallow on me.” was one of her more memorable phrases).  Anyways, she is still clinging on as I type this.  And there’s nothing more I can say about things really, didn’t want to do much on Saturday.  And nothing more I can do – there’s no way that I can get to Portsmouth and back before Wednesday.

So, Belfast tomorrow – I had the following encouraging words from Kate, a running mate and ex Belfast resident

  • Oh there are lots of hills, the first half is really mostly uphill, albeit a slow gradual grind. That’s what makes it such a horrid course, however after the zoo it gets better – pity it’s mostly by the motorway and then an industrial estate! But the crowds usually distract you from that…
  • I’m doing my home marathon disservice actually, the people are very friendly and there are some nice parts, and the end is good. Where are you staying?

So, it doesn’t sound like this is going to be one of those fast, life affirming runs.  Ah well, it’s less than 4 weeks until Edinburgh.


About Martin Hall

I'm a distance runner in my late 50s and I'm not bad at it (top 5% of my age group). I also play various musical instruments, the current fave being the ukulele and I'm in several bands ranging from two to 100+ in size.
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